Friday, March 16, 2007

Mr. Grumble McGunkly of McGunkly Industries (a look at)

These drawings are taken from a poem/story I wrote called 'Mr. Grumble McGunkly of McGunkly Industries'. I was going to make it into a Flash animated short but for one reason or another I didn't (or should I say I’ve yet to do it.... that is if the word document hadn't been deleted in mysterious circumstances!).

Basically the story runs thus; I wrote a previous poem/story about the people in a multicoloured, fantastical, fictional town. The story was fine too me but I felt it needed something more so instead of adding to it I came up with another poem/story (Mr. McGrumble..). It's basically about a bitter dwarf of a man who runs an industrial mine on the outskirts of the town.

The drawings above are sketches I did of the main character and the landscape of the mine.

Unfortunately as said before the Word document file for the ‘Mr. McGunkly….’ story was deleted (along with everything in my text folder on my computer….) so I sadly don’t have a copy of it. But as soon as I discovered this I wrote down what I remembered about the story and one day I’ll re-write it….


Timothy Merks said...

Ok I stole it and I am making it into a feature film.... with Leonardo... playing and African.... god has lfft dis plsc a lng tm ago

Robert said...

Me likes, you should still animate it. I want to see things move. Still pictures just don't do it for me any more

Baoyi said...


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