Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spidey Spiderson

Patterns of swirling seas adorned his mind
Scruffy and haggard festooned the outside
His heart too bright it must be kept inside
A lightening flash to make all blind

Boring, depressed his eyes did glaze
At the persistent bafflement of life’s ways
Nine to five the spider webs are made
Staring at the sufferers of soul ram raid

Murderous eyes would shoot daggers
At the keepers of empty spirits
His lonesome mind made him madder
What a waste this walking litter

Illustrated interpretations in his black book
Horror show pictures to exorcise
Acid bath for their brains by hook and by crook
Soul deceasing liquid to kill their betrayal

Every day Spidey Spiderson would stare and smirk
Day dreaming in bright coloured clouds & wide peaceful spaces
Back to earth he watches the litter living to work

And he knows he will soon be going places


mayparker said...

Sorry to bother you. Is your Father Sam originally from Newcastle England? If so my mother Lil his elder sister, nearing eighty would like to know if you are all ok, that's all she wants to know.

I liked your writing - you write with such feeling.

Regan Gallagher said...

hi. i can't seem to send you a message on your page so I'll have to reply here, hopefully you'll see it.

you have the right person. just to confirm though sam (from sheriff hill) brothers and sisters tony, robbie, kevin, jimmy, eileen and lil of course?

can you contact me on my e-mail below as there's information you need to know:

thanks, hope to hear from you.